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anthropoid adj
1 resembling apes [syn: anthropoidal, apelike]
2 resembling human beings [syn: manlike]


1 person who resembles a non-human primate [syn: ape]
2 any member of the suborder Anthropoidea including monkeys and apes and hominids

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  1. having characteristics of a human being, usually in terms of shape or appearance
  2. having characteristics of an ape


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Operation Anthropoid was the codename for the assassination of top Nazi Reinhard Heydrich during World War II in Prague.


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Bronze Age man, Hominidae, Iron Age man, Stone Age man, aboriginal, aborigine, ancient, antediluvian, anthropomorphic, anthropopathic, ape-man, autochthon, bushman, cave dweller, caveman, fossil man, hominid, humanoid, man of old, manlike, missing link, preadamite, prehistoric man, prehuman, primate, primitive, protohuman, troglodyte
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